Clouty MUSIQ Index


Making Music Count

The value of music streaming is an uncorrelated asset class.

This is key when it comes to diversifying investment portfolios, and we've made that possible by applying robust financial analysis on the data. Our innovative new Composite index refreshes weekly.


We started with a Composite index that compiles the top 500 songs via raw consumption data in the US.

From there, we segemented each genre into its own index,
with plans to introduce more over time.


Market indexes are designed to represent the performance of a specific market or asset class.

Not only are we all connected to music emotionally, it also has real value that can be tracked, thanks to the advent of streaming, particularly since it has became the primary mode of consumption. We've taken a data driven approach to creating a financial instrument for songs and their genres.


Insights and Research...



The MUSIQ 500 Composite is our Flagship index. It represents the value of the overall U.S. streaming market capped at 500.

MQC $0 --%



Unsurprisingly, Rap has evolved into one of the most dominant genres and it's interesting to see how that develops over time.

RAP $0 --%



We're seeing a renewed interest in Rock, namely with the acquisition of catalog rights from prominent Wall
Street Firms.

RCK $0 --%

Current Index Value


Future Tradable Instruments


With our indexes updating weekly, major events and releases have the ability to impact its value. Whether for risk management or speculation our weekly contracts will allow for the taking of a position on the increase or decrease of its value.


Different months evoke different values, for instance Holiday season invoking Christmas music and summer months being tied to certain festivals. Our monthly contracts settle to the 4th week of each month.


COVID was an example of how consumer behavior can change within 1 year. Every year brings a different energy regarding music, and our yearly contracts allow investors to take a position on that before it happens.