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Music is a widely undervalued asset and Clouty unbundles it by allowing partakers to trade on those underlying metrics, bringing liquidity to the one-sided $50b industry. Our markets update in real time.

Types Of Betting

How it works

For an artist to qualify for one of our markets, their music must be on either the Big 3: Apple Music, Spotify, or Tidal. If they are only on SoundCloud and YouTube they may not qualify for certain contracts. Our markets update in real time and participants will be able to trade contracts at-will earning real cash or digital currency to use on future contracts. The Alpha Data behind our markets are listed in our terms and conditions.

Chart Positioning

Place a contract on the trajectory of any song's position in the Hot 100


RIAA Certification

Trade on the time it will take for a record to reach Gold, Platinum or Diamond status



Bet on specific predictions ranging from release dates, subject content, record length and features


Live Events

Bet on the outcome of award show categories and concert set-lists

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